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MVE Modules
MVE Software
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Experimental activity on vehicle electronics: you can immediately add functions with
MVE (Modular Vehicle Electronics) modules
To drive ON-OFF loads as lamps, power relays, ECU supply, heatings,...
To drive PWM loads al electric motors, leds, actuators,...
To interface analog and digital sensors to CAN network
To acquire vehicle position data on CAN
To store CAN signals
To generate controlled fault conditions on electrical lines
To implement gateway functions between networks as CAN, LIN,...
To simulate "not still existing" ECU on CAN network
Depending on functionality, each MVE module can have up to three interfaces:
CAN, to manage it as a node in your network
USB, to configure and to drive it from PC. MVE software is included.
RS232, to drive it with your application
Testing and function validation activities on ECUs: you can simulate loads, sensors
and fault conditions with MVE (Modular Vehicle Electronics) modules
To simulate rotational crankshaft and camshaft sensors of Engine Control ECUs
To simulate rotational wheels sensors of ABS ASR ECUs
To simulate digital sensors with PWM output, high side or low side electrical output
To simulate resistive sensors as temperature, fuel level,...
To simulate potentiometer sensors with voltage output as accelerator pedal,...
To read analog and digital signals from ECU outputs
To generate controlled fault conditions on electrical lines (Fault Insertion Units)
To switch ON and OFF power supply to ECUs
To get diagnostic info from ECUs under test (K and DiagOnCAN protocols)